1.       Admission to the school is open to all, without discrimination, as per the seats available and on the basis of a test to prove fitness to the class to which admission is sought. Candidates who seek admission should register their names at the beginning of the academic session. The new academic session generally begins in March to end in February.


2.       The minimum age requirement for admission to L.K.G. is 3+ yrs. The application for admission should be attached with  a copy of the Birth Certificate. Further, every child must be introduced in person to the Principal by his/her parents/ legal guardians. If admitted, fees will be charged from the beginning of the school year even though the child is admitted at any time during the session.


3.       Pupils who are selected for admission should produce original and a copy of the birth certificate along with two passport size photographs endorsed by a competent civil authority. Detail once entered in the admission register, cannot be altered.


4.       A student, coming from another school should produce transfer certificate from the previous school and if from a different state and a different stream, the transfer certificate should be countersigned by the educational authorities of the place where the school is situated.


5.       The medium of instruction is English. Students  are to speak only in English within the School premises. Hindi will be taught from U.K.G. and Odia from Std. I.  From Std. VIII students can choose between Hindi/Odia as optional subject. Computer will be taught from class l to Xll.