From the Principal's Desk



A man is a product of his thoughts, these thoughts are generated by our mind. Mind is the most unique faculty that only man possess. No other creature has as powerful mind as man has and because of this man can rule the universe; but that mind can also make you a loser and the servant of your circumstances.

Our thoughts are the root of our success and failure. For a moment sit quietly and think what you think about yourself, have a self-talk with you and then reflect on the events happening in your life. You will be thrilled to know that if you feel that you are confident person, a beautiful personality, you bring happiness to all; if you are a joyful and successful person you will see that each day you get more opportunities to be more successful, joyful, and happy; if you think that you are a loser, you can’t study. This entire situation is because you have attracted it and this is called Law of Attraction. If you breed negative things in your mind, same thing will happen to you and if you have good and creative thought, same thing will happen to you. If you feed mind with self-harming thought it will make sure that you fall more such situations which are meant to harm you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your mind is like a car: if you control it, you will reach your destination but if you lose control of it you will get into a crash. Your thoughts are the driving wheel of your mind; positive thoughts will lead to growth and success while negative thought will lead you to absolute failure. The good news is that we are the masters of our life. Your thoughts shape your life. So it is I who can construct or destroy my life and how I can do this is just by shifting my focus from negative to positive.

On what I focus becomes the reality of my life, because it is said, “where focus goes energy flows.” And this is how a successful person earns more success and a defeated person experience more defeats in life. The good news is that you can rewire your thoughts and thinking pattern; it is fully in your control. Your negative thoughts get fuel because you love to dwell in them so you attract more negativity and more failure in life. The key is to use delete button. Use your minds delete button to delete negative thoughts.

Initially you will find it very difficult but use the focus key; what you practice perpetually is what you attract; so practice positive thoughts and words perpetually, and you will soon become a magnet which only attracts positivity.

It is my wish and pray that all the Marians and all those connected with them take control of themselves understanding the power of mind and its miracles.

May God bless you all.

Sr. Leelamma