Brown terry cotton shorts and biscuit colored shirts for students of Std.I to Std.V.  Std. VI to XII will have to use trousers.


Brown skirts and Biscuit colored shirts for students of Std. I to X. Students of Std. VI to X will wear box pleated skirts, covering the knees with Biscuit colored shirts. Std. XI & XII students will wear salwar suit. Students with long hair should make two plaits and use black ribbons for brown uniform  and white ribbons for white uniform.

White Uniform

A pair of white dress in the same design must be made for special occasions and for P.T. on Wednesdays

Shoes and socks

Black shoes and rust colored nylon socks with daily uniform; white nylon socks and canvas shoes with white Uniform.

Belt and tie         Brown Belts; Brown and Biscuit colored striped tie     
T. Shirts              

Colored T-shirts that identify the four school houses, is to be worn for March Past, sports and games. Girl students of the plus two streams will use white salwar suit with house colored jacket. 

Woollen Garments

Chocolate colored pullover (jersey) for boys and the same colored cardigan for girls from I to Std. X. Students of Std. XI & XII will have brown blazers.


Stockings/slacks, scarf, caps, muffler etc. should be of the same shade of the uniform.