1.       All should be present for the assembly and maintain perfect order. During prayer and National / School Anthem, students shall keep absolute silence and reverential posture. They shall also maintain discipline and decorum in the campus and corridors, to create an atmosphere for learning and reflection.  

2.       The diary should be brought to school on all working days. If it is defaced, tampered with or lost it has to be replaced immediately. No pages of the diary should be torn off or removed for any reason whatsoever.

3.       The name, class and section of the students should be clearly written on all his/her belongings.

4.       Exemptions of any sort such as participation from activities, parade or Games will be permitted on written request by the parents and on production of medical certificate.

5.       Students should wear the prescribed school uniforms, washed and pressed and come to school well groomed. Habitual slovenliness will not be tolerated and may be punished even with exclusions from the class.

6.       Students should not be the members of any political or communal organization and are not permitted to take part in any political activity and they are prohibited from organizing or taking part in meetings inside or outside the school.

7.       Every student must be responsible to take care of his/her belongings. It is not advisable for any student to have money or other valuable articles with/on him/her. The school authorities will not be responsible for its damage or loss.

8.       Students are not allowed to receive visitors in the school without the permission of the Principal.

9.       All correspondence addressed to pupils at school is subject to inspection.

10.   All students shall cheerfully obey their parents and teachers giving them respect and regard that is their due and shall accept their guidance and corrections with gratitude. Challenging the authority of the Principal or teachers may be considered as a punishable breach of conduct.

11.   All the students should be present in the school on Republic day, Independence day and all other important observation days.

12.   To avoid accidents and injuries on self and others, no student shall bring to school any sharp instruments like razor, knives or explosives of any sort.

13.   Damages done to the building, furniture, laboratory articles, library books, sports goods etc.  will have to be compensated at the discretion of the Principal. Writing/inscribing on the walls or furniture and disfiguring them are punishable offences. Such damages done or noticed should be reported immediately to the class teacher or the Principal.

14.   No electronic gadgets like mobiles, C.D., Pen Drives or objectionable printed matter are to be brought to school.    

15.   If a student wishes to be a member of any organization/ NGO or represent any other institution /body, club, attend any function or wishes to participate in any tournament, match etc. he/she must take prior permission from the Principal.

16.   Permission for the following must be obtained from the Principal:

a. To make collections.

b. To organise picnics/ parties.

       c.  To give presents to the members of the staff or to hold any meeting in their honour.        

      d.  To organise and conduct matches debates, competitions and the like.

17.   Use of slangs or abusive language is a grave offence. Similarly, smoking, use of intoxicants of any kind is strictly forbidden. Disorderly behaviours are to be avoided in the school premises.

18.   All pupils must be obedient and respectful to the teachers and conform strictly to the rules, regulations and traditions of the school.


     These rules are by no means exhaustive. The provisions of these rules may be amended, modified or annulled if the Management feels that such steps are necessary for the smooth and effective functioning of the school. However substantial changes, if any, may be notified to all concerned, from time to time. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for its breach.